Friday, 7 June 2019

Popular Restaurants That You Must Visit In Kentucky

Kentucky is known for its green and lush pastures. Tourists are attracted to this place for its scenic beauty and prosperous landscape. There are some tastiest food and drinks that you can taste in Kentucky. Kentucky is known for its some of the popular restaurants offering several lip-smacking dishes. The following are some of the restaurants serving some tasty treats to the people who visit Kentucky.

Book And Bourbon Southern Kitchen
This is one of the popular restaurants located in the Louisville International Airport. Bourbon is a world-famous delicacy which is prepared in various cities of Kentucky.  You would get a chance to taste the world-class delicacy Bourbon in the Louisville International airport restaurant. In addition to the different local bourbons, there are several other delicacies available in this restaurant.

Graham’s Café
This café is one of the famous places to taste the open-faced sandwich in the city of Louisville. This café is also known for its buffet, which is offered for a reasonable price. The buffet meal includes soups, salads, potatoes, bread, and a variety of desserts. The Sunday Brunch buffet is popular in this popular café as it consists of a variety of delicacies.

The Old Seelbach Bar
This place is popular for its famous drink, and several celebrities have visited the bar. The Seelbach cocktail is the signature drink of the bar. You can also taste 70 more varieties of bourbon and chocolate pecan pie. The bar serves several other popular dishes of Kentucky which includes horseradish cheddar, cheese fries, cake fries, bourbon caramel and lot more.

Butchertown Grocery
This place is a popular bar in the night that serves several favorite cocktail bars. In the weekend, this grocery store transforms into a brunch center that serves several dishes. The Chef has come up with several unique and fun recipes which make this place famous. Some of the unique dishes served are Chicken dumplings, eggs Benedict with pork belly, bacon, smoked salmon, beef burger, and lot more.

Mussel And Burger Bar
This is the right bar to visit if you wish to have a bite of the world's best burger. You would get a chance to taste various varieties of the burger. If you’re a vegetarian, you can try out some of the best vegetarian burgers in Mussel and Burger Bar.

Oriental Restaurant
This is one of the popular Chinese restaurants in Louisville serving some of the traditional Chinese dishes. Just make a try with one of the Chinese delicacies, and your intention about Chinese food would change.

The above are the famous restaurants and cafes that you must not miss out when visiting Kentucky.

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