Friday, 7 June 2019

Popular Places To Eat and Drink In Kentucky

Kentucky, a world famous tourist destination, is known for some of the copious numbers of restaurants serving favorite delicacies. Kentucky a prosperous place is known for its fertile soil. Thus you can find everything green and bright along its landscape. Therefore you get all the fruits and vegetables fresh in the vegetative farms of Kentucky. This increases the taste of the food prepared in the popular restaurants of Louisville.

The following are some of the popular restaurants that every visitor to Kentucky must try out.

Mojito Tapas
This is one of the leading restaurants in Louisville, which is almost known to everyone. You would get a chance to taste various varieties of tapas in this restaurant. Other dishes available are stuffed dates and fish, salad and egg sandwich.

Claudia Sander Dinner House
For one of the most exceptional dining experience, one can visit this restaurant, which is run by the owner of KFC. This restaurant is offered with the name of his wife, which makes it unique. You can taste some of the traditional dishes of Kentucky with excellent culinary skills. It would be memorable for visitors who taste certain dishes from the restaurant.

Village Anchor
It is a luxury restaurant in Kentucky where visitors from several parts of the world can taste some spicy southern food. The great hit in this restaurant is the sweet potato fries dipped in a creamy sauce.
You can also try out various types of nutritious salads in this premier restaurant.

Asahi Japanese Restaurant
If you wish to taste Japanese cuisine food, then you have to visit the Asahi Japanese. Here you can taste some of the famous Japanese dishes like Tuna hand rolls, Firecracker roll, etc.

This restaurant located in Bardstown road is known for its Indian cuisine foods. Vegetable korma with sweet naan tastes heavenly in this restaurant.

Jack Fry’s
It is one of the top restaurants in Bardstown road with one of the most exquisite menus in Louisville. Some of the signature dishes of the restaurant are pastries made with sweet corn, monkey bread with a dash of cinnamon, pork slides, etc

Vietnam Kitchen
This restaurant serves some of the unique dishes from Vietnamese cuisine. This is a family restaurant situated in the south end of Louisville, Kentucky. The Green shrimp curry is an all-time favorite of tourists visiting Kentucky. Avocado milkshake is a mouthwatering dessert prepared in this restaurant.

La Rosita
Here you can taste some of the Mexican delicacies prepared by the top Chefs from Louisville. Corn tacos and torta sandwich are some of the unique Mexican dishes that you must try out.

The above are some of the popular places that you must visit to treat your taste buds.

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