Sunday, 9 June 2019

Happenings Of Iron Horse Festival In New Havens

Fairs, festivals, exhibitions, etc. are organized so that it offers fun and enjoyment to people in and around the city. Iron Horse festival is a traditional event that takes place in New Havens every year. Here you would know about the happenings of 27th Iron Horse Festival in New Haven. Thousands of people from other cities participate in this festival every year. This year there were several activities for the kids that were available for free.

The Rolling Fork Baptist Church has offered a train to this event and children enjoyed the train ride in the festival. The festival had activities so that it entertains people of all ages.

Usually, the festival is organized on weekends, and it starts with a fun walk. In morning opening ceremonies took place and you can take part in the auction sale during the day. There were no pageants this year as it was of less interest.

It would be a spectacular experience to witness the annual Iron Horse parade in the afternoon. Every year the parade is done based on a theme. This year Jerry Nevitt, a public servant of the city, was honored for his service. Some of the highlights of the event are an art show, carnivals, automobile display, music, etc. Live Gospel Music from the local churches was also arranged. The festival comes to an end with a concert.

This festival talks about the railroad heritage of the city of New Havens. It is mainly organized every year to improve tourism in the town of New Havens. The festival aims mostly for community development and supports various community organizations and related activities. The fund raised in the festival is divided among the local churches, library, youth and scouts group, etc.

The above are some of the activities that take place every year during the Iron Horse Festival.

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