Thursday, 6 June 2019

Food That You Must Not Miss Out Tasting In Kentucky

Kentucky is a popular tourist destination which is known for its scenic beauty and some of the favorite mouth-watering dishes. Tourists from all over the world love to taste the delicacies of Kentucky. There are several food items that you must not miss out when visiting Kentucky. Bluegrass state is known for its delicious and lip-smacking dishes.

The following are some of the food that you must not miss out when visiting Kentucky.

Barbeque Mutton-Unique Delicacy
You would have tasted barbeque chicken and even barbeque fish. Barbeque mutton is a unique delicacy which is prepared in several cities of Kentucky. Owensboro is the capital of barbeque mutton. It would be a treat to the taste buds of people visiting this city. Some of the popular restaurants serving barbeque mutton are Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn and Old Hickory Bar-B-Q.

Country Ham- A Finest American Ham
The country Ham from Kentucky is considered as the best and unique American Ham. The dish tastes heavenly with sugar and salt coated evenly, which is left to age. It tastes good when it is sliced finely. You can taste this dish in many Louisville restaurants in the city. There are specific restaurants which prepare the finest American Ham, and they are Chef Ed Lee's 610 Magnolia and Milkwood. You can taste the several forms of country ham in Kentucky.

Fried Chicken
This is an all time favorite of people of all ages. There are lots of options where you can taste fried chicken in Kentucky. Louisville area would be the right choice to relish this delicious food.

Ale-8-One-Best Soda
Have you ever tasted the best soda in the world? This popular drink is available in Kentucky. This is locally called as Ale-8, and it is nothing but a carbonated ginger drink. It is an addictive drink that you must miss out when visiting the city of Derby. You can also try out this drink with bourbon, which is called a Kentucky Cocktail.

Hot Brown Sandwich- An Open Faced Behemoth
Do not miss out this delicious meat sandwich with Parmesan cheese. It is baked until the bread is browned and crisp. Louisville’s Historic Brown hotel is the right place to taste this tasty sandwich.

Burgoo-Hearty Lunch
It is similar to the Mulligan stew where all the leftover is added, and this turns into a signature dish. This dish is mainly made up of pork, beef, vegetables like corn, okra, lima beans, cabbages tomatoes, etc. It is served as a heavy lunch for tourists who visit Kentucky
The above are some of the food items that every tourist must try when they visit Kentucky.

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