Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tourist Spots In Haven You Cannot Miss

Back in 1638, the port of New Haven was found in Eastern Connecticut not very far from the Quinnipiac River’s origin. Since 1716 it is even more famed after the Yale University was established here. It is one of the most renowned universities in the world. This place has a scenic beauty plus variety of theaters to spend your evening and famous jazz music centers. Some of the most Famous Attractions in Haven are listed below for your reference. Next time you plan to visit Haven by no chance shall you miss these places:

Yale University

It is not just a university, but it is also a great tourist attraction. It serves as an excellent architectural piece. Visitors feel amazing while taking a tour of the university. It was designed by prominent architects of those times. The university campus has some fantastic stuff to do such as the art gallery, Peabody museum, Beinecke Rare Book, Manuscript library, Sterling Memorial Library and the Center for British Art.

New Haven Green

Just like the name suggests it is a lush green park on the Church street. It is a historic park situated downtown in New Haven. It is privately owned now, and earlier it served as a central square for Haven. John Brockett designed it, and today it is one of a great buzz area. It has the Elm streets, college, church, chapel and temple street surrounding it. If you have kids, this place is a must-explore option for you. This park addresses many art festivals at times and even jazz festival. 

Tastes of New Haven

If you are going around the city with the help of a tour company they will surely take you through the feeling of new haven. During your casual evening walks you can come to this place and have some of the most amazing cuisines of the area. You should begin your tour from the Elm Street and slowly move to the Tikkaway Grill, followed by a Thali restaurant and at last you're each the Fornarelli's Ristorante.

East Rock Park

It is another beautiful park in Connecticut in New Haven. One can enjoy the beautiful scenes of New Haven from this park as there are higher altitude areas here. It spreads over a large part of land close to 427 acres. This massive park is declared as one of the National historic places. The park gets its name from one of the mountain ridge known as East Rock which is inside the boundary of the park.

Goodfellas Restaurant

When you visit new places, you must try the food of that place. Similarly, to enjoy the best of Haven you must come to this restaurant. It is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy some time on comfortable furniture and enjoy peaceful ambiance. The food here is also one of the best you can get in the city.

Knights of Columbus Museum

It is a beautiful place that features essential art designs from various themes. It spreads over a 77,000 sq. Feet courtyard with excellent landscaping. It can surely mesmerize you and make you fall in love with the great explorer.

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