Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Enjoy A Fun-Filled Holiday With Your Kids In Haven

A haven is a beautiful place for visitors of all kinds from various parts of the world. It offers you good food, and beautiful places to chill out. All your work tension and personal issues will go away with the lovely ambiance provided by this city. Many parents choose Connecticut as the right place for the growing years of their child. In the state of Connecticut, this is the city where the Yale University is located. One of the most prestigious places to study in. Sightseeing places New Havens are many where you can take your children and spend some quality time. It will make both of you happy and calm.

Take your child to the Shubert Theatre

Here your child will get to see a musical which is more of an educational opportunity than a fun activity. You can call it the aptest combo of education and entertainment. The history of this theatre speaks for itself. Your child must develop tastes for these things as it will help their development in the later ages.

A walk through the old campus of Yale University

If you want to enjoy an outdoor museum like structure with your child, Yale's old campus is the option for you. The old school still has its architectural beauty maintained to its core. They look utterly adorable, and your child will have a great time walking around these beautiful buildings. Take your child to see the Theodore Dwight Woolsey's statue. He was the president of Yale University for an extended period that is from 1846 to 1871. 

Marsh Botanical Garden

Haven has a beautiful botanical garden where you can explore unusual plants with your child. It will be both fascinating and educational for your child. They will gain knowledge and at the same tie have some great fun. The place is lovely and serves as perfect family outing option.

Edgewood Park

Another free way to spend your time in Haven is to go to this park with your child. This park is entirely safe and can be an excellent place for your child to play and move around. There are grounds where your child can play whatever suits.

Leitner Planetarium

Visit the Leitner’s family observatory and planetarium which is located in Yale’s ground. It is maintained by the Department of astronomy in the Yale University. On every Tuesdays, the observatory is kept open for the public. You can visit the observatory without paying anything. There are no tickets as such to visit this magnificent planetarium cum observatory.

Peabody Museum

This is another masterpiece on the same campus. This museum of natural history is an incredible place to go with your child. Children can do engaging hands-on activities and have a great time. The campus is completely safe, and you can remain carefree.

Art Gallery of Yale University

This art gallery is very famous as it has a collection of art form almost every part of the world. Art-loving parents can show their children the beauty of art and why it is significant. This will help your child learn a lot while having fun.

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