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Best Wedding Venues In Connecticut

Professional Wedding Planners For Your Special Day

Unless you are a professional wedding planner, there are hardly a few times or maybe only ones that you get to evaluate a wedding venue. It is mostly on the occasion of your wedding that you get to go through so many wedding venues and choose the best one for your special day.  Find out about the best Wedding Organisers in your area to help you get bookings in a beautiful site. According to, all the famous venues run on reservations. Every couple wants to have their wedding in the most beautiful location.
Therefore they book a venue months before the wedding is supposed to happen. Sometimes it might happen that you don't have sufficient time to go through all the favorite wedding venues in Connecticut. This is the reason why people have a wedding planner who is professionally working in this field. That is to ease up the work from your shoulder son your wedding. Taking an expert’s view is the best thing to do in the crunch time. They will help you select as well as get bookings in the best place possible. It is not only about venues, and wedding planners can help you with everything else.

How Wedding Photographers Make Your Day Special

Whether you need a dress designer, professional photographer or a caterer for the wedding, they are always there with a solution. After talking to several wedding planners here is the list that came up about the top few destinations in Connecticut to make your dream wedding come truel.

Harkness State Park Mansion: It is a beautiful mansion in the State Park area. Couple show wants their wedding to be an elegant one with the perfect backdrops for a lavish estate, and this is the place for you. Your wedding pictures will have a naturally beautiful background with the need for decoration. The mansion has a beautiful view outside their window. Gorgeous grounds spread across a distance will mesmerize your guests. Also, the look of the Long Island Sound will leave them with a lot to remember. You can make a booking in the Eolia mansion which is a fantastic property with beautiful architectural features in it.

Wadsworth Mansion: Brides to be looking for a place where you can feel like a queen for a day this mansion is your end stop. You will not find a place classier than this for a wedding evening. You can book this mansion with a little notice as it is trendy for weddings. It has beautiful lawns if you want an outdoor event. For a couple looking for indoor arrangements, you can have that too over here. The dining space in this mansion is impressive with lots of space and beautiful design. It can accommodate lots of people both for dining and dancing.
Groom Swings the Bride in an Outdoor Park

Get that Bridal Glow with Experienced Wedding Makeup Services

Woodwinds: Next in the list is this beautiful place with an incredible record of cuisines and staffs to make the wedding evening a perfect one. This estate has a modern architecture, and the rooms are very spacious. It has a built-in lighting option for occasions like weddings which makes it even a more preferred destination. The staffs of this place make sure that the people who are a part of the event are treated in the best possible way. The bride and the groom have to worry about absolutely nothing if you are planning the wedding here. The wedding makeup services are also available in this mansion. It has got two massive sized ballrooms that could easily rival many other top wedding destinations in the city. The outdoor area has beautiful grounds with fresh air blowing all the time. It has photogenic hallways, a staircase that can make a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures.

The Bradford house: A gorgeous place with a beautiful garden area, rooms, and water around. It is awe-inspiring and has a magical look in the evening. It will be like a fairytale wedding in this place if you plan to book it. The staircase inside the building looks as if it came straight from a castle. The patio area is incredibly amazing with colossal seating area. Your professional photographer is going to love this place as there are so many things to fill in for a perfect wedding shot. 

Stunning Outdoor Wedding Venues in Connecticut

The society room of Hartford: No matter what the weather it is outside, this place is suitable for all kinds of weather. The landscape doesn't rely on water or foliage, but the backdrop of the venue is gorgeous. The first time you visit this place, you will be surprised to witness its beauty. It looks grand and will give your wedding a royal feel. If you are a movie fan, the dramatic look of this mansion will be like your perfect wedding. It has a beautiful society room with lots of space and dancing area. You can make dinner arrangements of any kind you like.

New Haven lawn club: There is no shortage of beautiful places in Connecticut. How can one forget about New Havens when talking about this place. New Haven has this fantastic mansion that has a beautiful architectural design and is decorated with one of its kind fixtures. Couples getting hitched in winter, this is the spot for you. Make your bookings as soon as possible to not miss out on this perfect venue.

The Barns at Wesleyan Hills: The uniqueness of this venue lies in the blue tented stone made porch. You get a readymade dual theme venue as the barn ahs stones contrasting from the blue porch. Then the ceilings that have a warm-toned color to it. In the evening when the building has lighted trees, chandeliers, and beautiful decoration fabrics, it looks incredible. It has a romantic and a vintage look with it. Therefore many people adore this place as it offers excellent service along with an eye-catching destination. 
These were only a few destinations to be mentioned as Connecticut has many more to suit all kinds of taste and budget. Make sure your eye upon these venues much before the actual date of the wedding as these places have a long list of bookings. Try to reserve excellent spots as early as possible for you.

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