Thursday, 15 February 2018

Famous Festivals Of Kentucky

Kentucky is a state with a lot of delightful and enjoyable festivals held at famous places within the state. Various festivals such as the Iron Horse Festival and Kentucky Bourbon Festival are integral parts of the culture of this state. If you travel to Kentucky, then you must try to witness these events to understand this part of the world in a better manner.

The legendary Iron Horse Festival

The Iron Horse festival is among the best-known festivals in the entire state of Kentucky. The 2017 edition of the Iron Horse festival was a grand success in every way. The introduction of a train offering rides to kids of all ages made it exceptionally popular. The best part of the festival was that children could enjoy the train rides without paying any money. There were plenty of other activities at the Iron Horse Festival, 2017 that made it even more special for the crowd.

The Iron Horse parade tradition with its innovations

If you belong to the state of Kentucky, then you must be well aware of the fact that the Iron Horse parade is always among the most favored of all attractions at this festival. In the 2017 edition, the organizers chose the ‘Hometown Hero' model for this parade. The new theme for the event made it even more lovable this time around. Presenting awards of excellence to the achievers from New Haven was among the highlights of the traditional parade in its 2017 version.

Carnival Games, Auto Shows and so much more

A lot of people also took part in the carnival games which have always provided a lot of entertainment to the masses. The displays of vehicles such as cars also brought a lot of attention from the people of New Haven.

The growing fanfare around art shows

In the 2017 Iron Horse event, the art show gathered a large crowd. The library hosted this part of the festival, and there was no shortage of avid readers.

The growth in fan following of Bourbon Festival Of Kentucky

The Bourbon Festival does not have a long history of the Iron Horse festival, but it has its dedicated followers. It is held in September every year since 1992. A lot of people come to this festival to taste bourbon of various kinds. The food at the dinner is also famous for its rarity as well as taste. If you want to feel like a real royal, then you must attend the Bourbon Festival of Kentucky.

You get a grand experience because well-known musicians perform live music while you enjoy your bourbon and dinner. Going to this festival with your paramour can be an excellent night out for both of you.

At the same time, you will also get to learn in great detail about various types of liquor. If you love your drinks, then you must not miss out on the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in the years to follow. You must give wings to your curiosity about bourbon and other alcoholic beverages. You must learn about the best ways to enjoy them the most.

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