Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Behold And Be Ready To Be Floored By Fascinating Floral Designs

A flowery design competition held in New Haven, Kentucky managed to grab the eyeballs of floral experts from all over the world.The event was jointly organized by best event planners from various places. The theme and venue management was done by Purple Eyedeas, sound and light services done by Kiyoh and the rest were gracefully carried out by Evento.Well known and world-famous florists and floral decorators from all over the world participated in the event. Each one created unique masterpieces of flower decorations that even the judges were left in a fix whom to choose for first prize. 

There were many rounds of the competition, and each round had a different and unique theme according to which the florists or flower decorators have to prepare the designs. The final round was the most difficult and intimidating one. The final round also had a mystery element attached to it. No one even knew what kind of products will be supplied to them and kind of assignment they will receive. Hence, even the participants were a bit wary about what kind of design they would make. But that itself is the beauty of the show. It brings out the inner talent and creativity of floral artists. Creating masterpiece beauty out of limited resources within a short time limit is something only experts can do. And yes, each one of the contestants excelled in the difficult task like a piece of cake. 

Floral Designs That Make You Go Awe And Leaves You Inspired 

On hearing about the event, flower enthusiasts from all over the world flocked in to see and be inspired by the mesmerizing floral designs. The flower design competition had a time limit of 45 minutes for the first round and 30 minutes for the second round. The first round is comparatively easier and can be done according to the tastes and preferences of the designer. It is called designer’s round. A theme will be given to the designers, and they complete the floral design according to the theme within the stipulated time limit. It was a fascinating sight to watch the designers in action. This is when we realize that floral decoration is indeed a great art which only talented and creative minds can do. It also requires lots of patience and willingness to work hard and excel. Designing flowers is no easy task. It may seem to be easy for those who have not even tried it or seen someone doing it. But when we get to know the details, we are left in awe seeing the exuberance of talent. 

Floral designs never fail to enchant you! Perfectly arranged flowers are one of the most irreplaceable factors of any weddings or celebrations. Have you ever seen a bride without flower bouquets? No! Flowers make events look more colorful and refreshing. Even placing a vase of flowers on the living room table makes the room look more bright and beautiful. Hence, flower decoration is one of the mainstream talents and done by experts in the field. That is why the floral design competitions get all the deserved attention and admirers from all over the world. 

Top Class Floral Decoration On Display At Floral Design Competition 

The final contestants of the competition were the bigwigs of floral design like Gregor Lersch, Kristin Banta, Hitomi and also the floral decoration expert, Putnam & Putnam floral decorators, etc.; the competition is sure to be a display of awe-inspiring floral designs! The floral design competition held at Kentucky was no different. The final round of the competition was a tough one, but still, the participants put in their full vigor and talent. The designers were given various flowers, ribbons, chenille, green leaves and stems, oasis, flat wires, and straws. They were given a surprise theme and asked to create beautiful creations within a short time span of 30 minutes. Though it seemed to a burdensome task, the contestants were all extra talented artisans who created magic with their fingers. Just watching them create designs makes us spectators inspired to at least try this once! 

Each one of the contestants did their best, and the designs were lauded by one and all. Even world class photography specialists visited the competition to get a glimpse of the beauties and click pictures of the gorgeous designs. The pictures were published all over the magazines and newspapers all over the world as it was indeed a sight to behold. 

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