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New Haven, Connecticut - Elis and a Whole Lot More

New Haven, Connecticut isn't simply Yale University. The town was initially organized as eight streets arranged in a four-by-four grid with the central one being the New Haven Green. This planned spaces were offered to the residents and were subsequently split into packages. A number of other innovations were started here. The real history of the Amistad Mutiny’s ordeals are recorded in other shows, pictures and files.

In the Green, nowadays there are a number of plots of a large number of settlers and also three churches. The people believed that the general public playground, their Green, was just starting to seem like a cemetery. Known as New Haven’s best kept secret, this crypt holds the area’s oldest citizens and it’s founders graves. 

The College includes twelve self-contained schools, where the undergrads learn, collaborate, play and grow together. Somewhat similar to Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. Another facet of the student life may be the secret organizations, like the “Scroll and Key”,"Skull and Bones", “Wolf’s head”, “Book and Snake” etc. These are traditional student's systems that are really unique and they have been around for more than a century. 

A visit of university is recommended. It continues for over one hour and leaves daily. The tour covers various areas of the university, starting among the schools, to which entry can be obtained through a single entrance. Yale is saturated with customs and several tales that the manual stocks. Not to be overlooked may be a cathedral-like structure, the Sterling Collection. Yale didn't need a church. The builder, however, desired to develop a church-like building. Therefore a cathedral was created by him. Medieval in-style, pews, and several windows provide the impact of being in a cathedral. Behind the table is a big mural showing various religions for understanding. The artist, being a Communist, placed herself into the artwork with a sickle and a star.

The trips lead to the courtyard between Beinecke Library and Woolsey Area. Beinecke Library is the archive of manuscripts and rare books for the Yale University. Including a duplicate of the Gutenberg Bible that will be on display and the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. Another memorial not to be overlooked on-campus may be British Craft, among the biggest England's assortment.

A walk down Hillhouse Street, a half-block from Woolsey Area is an event you should not miss if you are don’t get tired of walking. On both sides of the road  there are Victorian mansions, which today houses the university's various divisions. American Elms, felled by elm disease canopied this road. Additional woods have already been grown to replace them nowadays.

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