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Things To Know About City Of New Haven, Kentucky!

Also named as Pottinger’s Landing, the city of New Haven, Kentucky was founded in 1820. The city was incorporated in the year 1839. The city is considered to be the most important shipping point for product transfer through the Salt River, Fork River, Ohio River, and Mississippi River. It is located in Southern Nelson County which is 12 miles north of Hodgenville and 14 miles south of Bardstown.

Want to Know The Major Attraction in New Haven Kentucky?

Below is the list of major attraction here in New Haven:

  • The Boyhood Home of Lincoln
This home is considered to be the earliest memory of Abraham Lincoln. It is in Knob Creek located 4 miles south of New Haven.

  • The Distillery of Maker’s Mark
Maker’s Mark Distillery is considered to be the National historic landmark in America. It is the oldest distillery here and located 15 miles east of New Haven in Loretto, KY. It was originally made in 1805 as gristmill distillery.

  • The Recreation Facility in New Haven, Kentucky
There are various means of recreation facility here in New Haven. Some of the recreation location includes a 2-acre fishing lake, a football field, a tennis court, a volleyball pit, two baseball field, two playgrounds, and a pool. So, if you are looking for one of this recreation facility, we can provide more info on that.

The city New Haven, Kentucky have many ancient churches. Some of them are New Haven Baptist Church, St. Catherine church,  Rolling Fork Christian Church, Rolling Fork Baptist Church.

Apart from all these, New Haven, Kentucky is also famous for its best yoga center which is also the center of attraction for many tourists visiting New Haven. It provides a high level of yoga training which not only provides relaxation but also helps in curing chronic pain such as arthritis, lower back pain, headache and much more. It also helps in reducing insomnia and lower blood pressure.

The other physical benefits provided by yoga training here in New Haven, Kentucky are:

  • Increase in flexibility
  • Increase in muscle tone and strength
  • Helps in maintaining balanced metabolism
  • Takes care of circulatory and cardiac health
  • Helps in improving energy, respiration, and vitality
  • Helps in weight reduction.
  • Protection from major injuries
  • Also helps in improving athletic performance

According to kentucky hometownlocator.com, the unemployment rate here in New Haven, Kentucky is around 4.8%, but recent job growth is negative, and cost of living index is 18.4% lower as compared to US average. This makes it ideal even as a a place to finally settle down!

Visit New Haven, and be sure to explore all the sites mentioned above!

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