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What To Expect In An Indian Wedding? - An Account Based On An Enthralling Experience At An Indian Wedding!

Never go for an Indian wedding expecting the perfect order and arrangement like a western wedding. Be prepared to witness a bit of chaos and commotion! It is not due to the lack of preparation or planning that is the way they approach their weddings. I recently got a wonderful opportunity to attend an Indian wedding in New Haven. A Hindu family from South India who has settled in New Haven invited me. Read on to experience each and every bit of the authentic Indian event! Expect music- Loads of it actually! You can hear an Indian wedding even before you reach the venue. Instrumental music involving Nadaswaram and Tavil (Traditional South Indian musical instruments) are inevitable in their weddings. The practices may vary depending on the religion and the states, but I believe that the basic things remain the same. The loud music is audible even at a distance. The pitch and the rhythm of the music reach its maximum during the main ceremony that is when the groom ties the knot around the …