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New Haven-Famous For Food And Culture

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Best Ten Indian Restaurants Near New Haven!

New Haven- The name says it all! The place is indeed a haven for travellers. There are a lot of awesome spots to visit and explore. Art and history lovers, shopping freaks, greenery admirers, relaxation seekers, food lovers; everybody has their share of enjoyment here. This write up is for the foodies, especially those who are mad about Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine is so tempting that your taste buds will keep on craving for it irrespective of which part of the world you are in. Indians know this well, and this is the reason why Indian restaurants are there in every nook and corner of the world. The Indian restaurants everywhere have a lot of non-Indian admirers also who visit the restaurants more regularly than Indian customers. Here is a list of the top ten Indian restaurants near New Haven!

Namaste Indian Cuisine and Bar
Namaste Indian restaurant is located at 1609 N Dixie Hwy, Elizabethtown. The food over here is very delicious. They have all the typical Indian dishes such as naan, roti, rich gravies, rice puddings, gulab jamun, etc. 

Shalimar Indian Restaurant
Located in Louisville, Shalimar restaurant serves North Indian as well as some Pakistani dishes. They have a broad range of food to select from. The buffet is rich, fresh and delicious. The shrimp masala in Shalimar is a mouth-watering dish which is loved by many.

Tikka House
Tikka House is an Indian restaurant in Saint Matthews, KY 40207. They offer seven days Lunch buffet. An extensive salad bar is what makes them different from the rest. Biriyani, fishes, Tandoori kebabs, etc. are the attractions here.

Taj Palace Indian Restaurant
They have got hot Tikka masala, freshly baked Naan and Basmati rice. Located in Goose Creek Rd, Louisville, this place has got awesome ambience and tasty food.

Bawerchi Restaurant
Bawerchi restaurant which is famous for its biriyanis and Haleem is located in Bardstown Rd, Louisville. Time delay after ordering food has been a concern raised by many in reviews. Apart from that, the service is good.

Bombay Grill
Bombay Grill serves authentic North Indian and South Indian food. This is located in Hurstbourne, Louisville. Their Lunch Buffet is very popular.

Clay Oven Indian Restaurant
Tasty food, attentive and friendly staff, clean atmosphere are the specialities of this restaurant which is located in Shelbyville Rd, Louisville.

‘Kashmir’ restaurant is in Bardstown Rd, Highlands- Cherokee Triangle. They have excellent pakoras, naan, mango lassi, etc.

Little India Café
This restaurant in Richland Ave is unique because of its wide range of vegetarian dishes. They have non-vegetarian dishes as well.

Dakshin South Indian Restaurant
Dakshin, located in Louisville, has a friendly atmosphere. The menu is disparate and delicious. The management has plans to start a spa in connection with the restaurant to attract more customers. There are also plans to tie up their services with other well-known service renderers, like, for instance, spas like Riverday Spa. This promises to be a unique venture, and is being eagerly awaited by all.

Why are hotels and restaurants so crucial to the local economy? Well. according to, the availability of quality food plays a major role in making a city the best place for its residents. With so many excellent restaurants, New Haven is definitely a convenient place for its residents as well as travellers.


  1. I have tasted Indian delicious Indian cusine food in the above restaurnats around new New Haven

  2. we enjoyed tasting good Indain food in some of the above restaurants when we visited New haven last year.

  3. The popualrity of the Indain restaurnts have made the place an important tourist attraction

  4. I was really surprised to know about the various Indian restaurants in New Haven

  5. My cousin has decided to open an Indian restaurant in Singapore


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