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The "Knockout Game" - Is It Really a Trend, and Should New Haveners Be Concerned?

It’s a matter of grave concern that the current media reports inform of a wave of dreadful teen criminal offense sweeping America today and no bicyclist, scooter or pedestrian driver is safe from attack. If this sounds familiar, it's due to the fact that the media has a soft spot for tales of social breakdown and lurid brand-new patterns, especially involving teens - every season bringing its own story of sex or violence.
This year's issue is the "knockout video game" - an upgrade on "wilding," i.e. random attacks on passersby by groups of teenage males.  As opposed to break-ins and muggings, the attacks are performed "for kicks," and the hapless victims are typically left with their belongings like phones and wallets, albeit hurt or unconscious. The essence of the most recent "knockout video game," as declared in media reports, is to knock the victim unconscious with one blow.
New Sanctuary has had its share of problems with incomparab…