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Enjoy A Fun-Filled Holiday With Your Kids In Haven

A haven is a beautiful place for visitors of all kinds from various parts of the world. It offers you good food, and beautiful places to chill out. All your work tension and personal issues will go away with the lovely ambiance provided by this city. Many parents choose Connecticut as the right place for the growing years of their child. In the state of Connecticut, this is the city where the Yale University is located. One of the most prestigious places to study in. Sightseeing places New Havens are many where you can take your children and spend some quality time. It will make both of you happy and calm.
Take your child to the Shubert Theatre Here your child will get to see a musical which is more of an educational opportunity than a fun activity. You can call it the aptest combo of education and entertainment. The history of this theatre speaks for itself. Your child must develop tastes for these things as it will help their development in the later ages.
A walk through the old ca…

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